"We combine the most important aspects of Marketing with the latest Technology, Tools and Trends to provide a modern structured service."

We are a digital marketing consultancy agency that specializes in online marketing for small to medium businesses. Our services are designed to ensure that your company takes the right steps towards creating a solid marketing strategy, which will generate greater interest in your services or products.

We believe that using proven and successful techniques, as well as innovative approaches towards both online and offline advertising, will help to generate more business for your company.

Our expert team of professionals who each have a special set of skills, which when combined, offer a creative, strategic and efficient service that will allow your company to succeed in its marketing campaign.

Organizational culture is a key part of our vision, and we believe by creating the right type of environment for our employees, this will be reflected in their performance and communication with the clients.

Honesty and transparency are what this company is based on, and we ensure that all those who represent us or work with us are selected on this basis.

Meet the Team

Nizar N. Dahan

Nizar N. Dahan

Founder / CEO / Marketing Consultant / Operations Advisor

Nizar is the founder and Managing Director of Grapevine Promotions Ltd. His extensive business experience in various industries has enabled him to gain knowledge and skills which he can apply to the field where his passions are strongest, which is marketing. He is a BSc graduate of Business Information Systems, and has recently Graduated From Swansea University with a First Class Honours from His Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA). After working in the United Arab Emirates for 2 years, Nizar returned to his home city where he was raised, and decided that he would pursue his passion where he felt most comfortable, in Swansea. He is passionate about Charity, and is involved in many different projects which aim to help and support those in less fortunate positions all across the globe. He is a creative person with a background in music production and has performed in various events both, in the UK, and Internationally, but now his focus is on Business, and he aims to make this endeavour a success and a well respected brand within the business world.

Ataur Rahman

Ataur Rahman

Co-Founder / Vice Chairman / Creativity Consultant / Content Manager

Ataur is the Co-founder and Partner of Grapevine Promotions Ltd. He Studied Business Management at Cardiff University of Wales, before returning to Swansea to help run his Family Business. He was responsible for the promotions and Marketing campaigns for the 5* restaurant, which for many years consecutively has been voted the Best Restaurant in Swansea by various different independent institutes and customer polls. He is creative and very up to date with modern fashion, trends, and music that influenced his approach to modern marketing ideas and designs that stand out. His ideas are renowned for generating “hype” whether it be for products or services. He has travelled to many global destinations and enjoys applying culturally diverse ideas into his strategies. Ataur aims to provide ideas and concepts, which will help businesses thrive and attract new customers from different target markets by utilizing his knowledge of what customers find appealing, with his ability to create concepts which have not bee used before

Aims &

At Grapevine, we aim to provide you with the most creative and appealing marketing strategies available, which are specifically designed to promote and market the products / services that you offer.

Ensuring that our team is always challenged allows for greater levels of creativity and input, which in turn results in fresh ideas and innovative concepts, that will impact positively on your business status. Our emphasis on success drives our team towards providing a high quality service, and exceptional results.

Here at Grapevine, we believe that staying up to date with the newest trends, technology and research, helps us to stay one step ahead of our competitors. This helps us to fulfill our goal of providing a fully comprehensive marketing package for each and every one of our valued customers.

Research Approach

We believe that the only way to provide you with a quality service, is to pla important to understand the basic principles of Marketing and Research to be able to offer the specialised services which, we at Grapevine see as vital and necessary for marketing success.

Our research areas include, but are not limited to;

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Environment
  • Demographics
  • Market Segments
  • Product / Service Analysis
  • Supply & Demand patterns
  • Social Media Usage
  • Modern Marketing Tools / Software
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) Models
  • Marketing Plans & Strategic Implementation

We believe that by utilising our academic approach, and combining it with our hands on, practical experience, our research and planning allow for a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of the business environment & competition, which will lead to a more in-depth strategy for the marketing process.

Research is KEY to understanding what needs to be done to progress and to keep up with the changing customer needs, and we believe that our solid research approach will allow for our clients to maintain an up to date understanding of the marketing environment, as well as delivering the required information for our clients to expand and grow.