Branding is a lot more than just a logo and graphic element. When a consumer sees your brand they associate it with the experience they have had with your company. The experience of your brand is everything from your logo, website, social media and staff interaction with your consumers, as well as many other factors. Your brand will be, and is the way the consumer perceives you; it is vital that the brand experience you want to implement is well thought out and strategically planned.

Branding Services

  • Analysis

    Brand analysis will help your business better understand the key development and driving force used for creating brand value. Brand value is vital and the relationship between it and business value can be better understood via strategic planning
  • Creativity

    Creativity and innovation are the starting blocks for your brand strengthening campaign to be successful; with creativity and innovation implemented in your strategy you can ensure success in your marketing methods, which in turn allow for your business to succeed in generating more sale
  • Implementation

    Once you have a good strategic plan and know how to create your brand image, implementing it can take time. Using carefully calculated methods, we can ensure they are delivered effectively and efficiently
  • Refinements

    Monitoring how your brand is doing with regards to customer feedback on your social platforms, or using sales as an indication as to how a certain campaign has affected the business, we can go make any necessary amendments and improvements. This means that each campaign will become more effective and successful than that prior to it
  • Quality Control

    All aspects of the process can be quality controlled. By scrutinizing every last detail, and analyzing the data collected we can establish what is and isn’t working and make sure each campaign is of a high standard of quality

Branding Packages

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    • Logo Design
    • Business Card
    • Leaflet Design
    • Stationary Design
    • Social Media Setup
    • Social Media Management

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  • Word of mouth

    £ 200
    • Single Sided
    • Single Sided
  • Chit Chat

    £ 300
    • Single Sided
    • Single Sided
  • Chatter-Box

    £ 600
    • Double Sided
    • Double Sided
    • 2 month (bronze package)
  • Talk of the Town

    £ 1000
    • Double Sided
    • Double Sided
    • 2 month (gold package)