E-Commerce refers to the business activities, namely buying and selling, which are conducted over an electronic network (most commonly the internet). Due to the fact that businesses are becoming more focused on targeting clients through digital platforms, it is becoming common practice for these very same businesses to cater for those who wish to conduct business Online.

We at Grapevine ensure that your E-Commerce website is designed to suit your business, and the technology selected is appropriate to your needs and preferences. We believe it is important that you are comfortable with the set-up of your site, and through regular interaction and feedback throughout the design process, everything is done exactly how you wish.

E-Commerce Services

  • Bespoke platform

    Once we understand your specific needs, and how you want your site to operate, we will select the most appropriate platform to suit your requirements
  • User-Friendly Interface

    We ensure that the interface we select for you is appealing and designed exactly how you specify. This will enable your customers to navigate around your site
  • Self-maintenance

    The option for you to manage your products and listings as and when you need will be made available. We will also provide a short document guiding you step by step through all the necessary stages you need to follow to edit or alter content or pages
  • Mobile / Tablet optimization

    To ensure that your site is easily accessible by all, we ensure it is optimized for multiple devices (Laptop / Computer /Tablet / Mobile). This is important because many people who access the internet, do so using mobile devices, so catering for their requirements will boost visits and engagement
  • Online Security

    We guarantee that all transfers of funds are made safely and securely, by making the available payment options SSL/HTTPS secured
  • Search Capabilities

    We will include a fully functional filtering search system, which will allow customers to be directed to the exact products / services they express interest in

All Packages include

Stock control

There will be no need to manually change stock information or remove items as everything is automatically updated instantly

Auto email notification

Email notifications for both customers and admin once a sale transaction is completed, keeping you informed at any given time

Paypal Standard Payment

Your website comes with a built in Paypal Standard payment processing system (additional options available for an additional cost)

Store Management

Easy to use admin login with store management, which gives you the ability to update and manage your store with ease

Blogging System

Keeping your website up to date with relevant content is easier than ever with our built in blogging platform


Throughout the design process you will have direct contact and support with a member of our team

Statistics and Tracking

See exactly where your leads and visitors come from and how long they stay on your site and what they do there

Dedicated Designer

You will be in contact with a dedicated experienced designer throughout the whole process

Enquiry Form

Reduce spam and increase usability for your visitors with our secure enquiry forms