Graphic Design

Business owners especially small business owners must understand the importance of graphic design. By using expert designers consumers can be driven towards your business. Graphic design gives your business a face and visual presence; When consumers look at this they identify who you are, what you stand for and what your product/services are. A good graphic design campaign will stimulate the consumer to reach out and be drawn to your products/services. A creative and strong brand will build trust between you and the consumer with regard to your brand, and will also help in the remembrance of your business name. Corporate identity is vital and standing out from the crowd even more so, by focusing on your graphic design it will give the consumer a reason to choose you over all other competitors.

Graphic Design Services

  • Logo Design

    Logos for a business are critical, as it becomes the most visible aspect of your organization. The logos will be seen on almost everything to do with your business. It is vital the logo is well designed, as it will be the forefront of the whole marketing strategy and of your brand
  • Business Stationary

    When meeting with prospective clients and other businesses, business stationary would be the first thing that they notice. Business cards must be made to a high quality and also should give your business in a positive and professional image. When giving out business cards, you must ensure that the card you are offering customers depicts professionalism
  • Flyers and Promotional

    Using flyers to promote your products and services is a great way to get your message across to the consumer, it is imperative that they flyer is made with a creativity in mind. By ensuring the flyer is creative, it will stand out and lead to a high rate of conversions. How the flyer is created and printed will depict whether the consumer decides to read on to find out more information or just discard it. Flyers can be tailor made to any size and withhold any content you wish it to. This item would be tangible and the consumer will be able to hold the flyer, which means you are halfway of conveying your message
  • Digital Design

    Over the last decade, technology has advanced rapidly; digital design has become a more streamlined process. With larger use of the Internet and the increased use of smartphones, it has become imperative for businesses to utilize these platforms that are used by consumers on a daily basis. Digital design can incorporate many things such as animations, video production/editing, and special effects. Using these tools to promote your business can be very effective and can add the “WOW” factor in the eye of your viewer
  • Misc

  • Printing

    As flyers and business cards are amongst the most important methods used to reach a potential market, it is crucial that they are printed using only high quality materials, whilst adding an image of professionalism to the finish. Working with some of the UK best printers, we provide top quality print, whilst remaining highly competitive with our wholesale pricing

Graphic Design Packages

  • Choose your Logo Package

    • Final Designs Number of final logo designs supplied
    • Concept Designs Number of initial concept designs supplied to move forward with
    • Revisions Number of rounds of revisions to reach final design
    • Color variations Additional colour variations supplied with the final designs
    • Logo variations Additional logo variations supplied with the final designs (e.g. horizontal/vertical/square versions)

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    £ 150
    • 1 Final Design
    • 4 Concept Designs
    • 2

    £ 200
    • 1 Final Design
    • 6 Concept Designs
    • 2
  • GOLD

    £ 300
    • 2 Final Designs
    • 8 Concept Designs
    • 4
    • Color and Monochrome

    £ 500
    • 6 Final Designs
    • 12 Concept Designs
    • 5
    • Color and Monochrome
    • 2 (i.e horizontal / vertical)

Business Card Packages starting from £50

Basic Package includes: 1 final design (one sided) / 2 Concepts /2 Revisions

Upgraded package options include: 3D / Embossed / Alternative cut design / Double Sided

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Flyer Design packages starting from £50

Basic Package includes: 1 final design (one sided) / 2 Concepts / 2 Revisions

Upgraded package options include: 3D / Alternative cut design / Double Side

For more information on other packages please contact us

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Other services

Below are other services that we offer. If you want to find out more, please Contact us with your enquiry and we will be happy to help you.

Digital design

Animations / Video production & editing / Special effects

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Business card / Flyers & leaflets / Poster / Banners

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