Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultancy offers you the structured approach to planning your day-to-day marketing activities, as well as offering long term planning for the operations, which are vital to your business. Our services are all tailored to your requirements, and our personal approach allows for regular meetings and contact via telephone / email.

This allows us to further understand your business, and assess other important factors, such as competition analysis and an evaluation of the business environment. Our methods of operating are designed to go hand in hand with your methods of conducting business.

Marketing Consultancy Services

  • Marketing Plans

    Creating a marketing plan involves developing a structured, long-term blueprint for a fixed period (1-5 years) taking into consideration the main aspects of the marketing mix, the four P’s (Price / Product / Promotion / Place) in order to achieve the marketing Objectives
  • Competitor Analysis

    A breakdown of the local / national competition, including customer profiling, Marketing methods used, Pricing strategies, SWOT analysis of the most direct competitors
  • SWOT Analysis

    An analysis of your companies, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Breaking down the important aspects of marketing, which could impact on the future of the business
  • The 4 P’s

    An evaluation will be given on the recommended approach to determining, Price, Product, Promotion and Place. This will enable strategic entry into the market with a particular product / service
  • Budgeting

    Deciding how much funds to allocate for all marketing activities over a fixed period of time. Researching the most successful marketing methods, and prioritizing the most funds to them

Marketing plan
3000 Word Plan £500

Plans include:

  • Executive Summary An overview of the Marketing Plan
  • Customer Targeting Target segment / Demographics / Interests (Needs)
  • USP Distinguish company – Unique features products / services
  • Pricing / Positioning strategy for price and market position
  • Distribution How customers will buy (Online / in store / postal)
  • Offers Special deals or concessions (Money back guarantee / packages)
  • Marketing materials Website / brochures / cards / catalogues
  • Promotion Strategy how you will promote (TV /Radio /Online / Events)
  • Online Strategy Keywords / Social Media / SEO / Paid adverts
  • Conversion Strategy Testimonials / sales script
  • Referral Strategy Customer referral offers. Rewards
  • Increasing Transaction prices Price increase / promote bundles
  • Retention Strategy Customer Loyalty schemes
  • Projections account for estimated costs / expenses / expected results
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Competitor Analysis
2000 Word Document £350

Analysis Includes:

  • Who is the Competition Greatest threat /New entrants / Indirect competitor
  • SWOT SWOT analysis of most direct competition
  • Competitive Advantage what are their advantages over you
  • What differs between what you offer compared with them
  • Market Share what is their share in the market
  • Reputation how well established is their brand
  • Media spend review their campaign and spend on marketing
  • Who are their customers same market segments / relation levels
  • Promotion strategy how successful is their promotion method
  • Trends what trends are they following
  • Pricing Policy how do they price their similar products / services
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SWOT analysis
1500 word document £250

Internal Factors – Strengths / Weaknesses

  • Strengths factors, which contribute to the company’s growth. Base strategy around these things. ( Resources / investment / skilled staff) Brand Recognition / Location / Specialist Eperts / Something new
  • Weaknesses Factors which will make the marketing strategy look weak Poor distribution / Not Distinguishable feature / Lack of online presence

External Factors – Opportunities / Threats

  • Opportunites Anything which takes place that can be taken advantage for the benefit of the business Advancement in Technology / Increased Demand / Social Events
  • Threats Future planning of worst-case scenarios. They could come out of nowhere so its best to identify them ASAP Competitors lower price / Change in consumer wants / Economic
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Marketing Strategies

Please enquire for a quotation as each strategy is based on the selected activity. Some of the business activities which require a strategy are as follows and the prices can very depending on the scope of the strategy:

  • Increasing Sales
  • Attracting new customers
  • Increase the purchases amongst retained customers
  • Introducing a new product / service
  • Capturing a larger share of the market
  • Strengthen the power of your brand
  • Advertising campaign / promotion
  • Increase loyalty amongst existing customers
  • Increasing customer value
  • Maintain creativity and keep the business up to date

The strategies are based on a similar approach to the Marketing Plans, however they are more specific to the particular activity identified as opposed to the overall marketing approach of the company.

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Additional plans and analyses are available on request:
Budgeting Advice – setting budgets for marketing activities
Marketing Training / Workshops - In house training for Social Media and Marketing
The 4 P’s / Marketing Mix ( Price / Product / Promotion / Place)