Social Media Marketing

Increasing brand recognition and visibility to the consumer is valuable, social media platforms are channels through which your business can voice your brand and content. Social media allows new, old and potential consumers to easily access information about your business, and at the same time makes your brand more familiar and recognizable. Posts on your social media platforms create another opportunity to convert views into sales. Posts also allow you to interact with consumers effortlessly giving the user a sense that they are valued.

Social Media Marketing Services

  • Build Followers

    Social media is a great tool for connecting with new potential consumers and at the same time keeping meaningful relationships with existing consumers. Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to reach consumers and also track the popularity of each post, thus informing you which methods are working and which are not
  • Generate Interest & Leads

    Tracking interest can be easily attained by monitoring likes, enjoyment, and follows. Interest would generally convert into leads so it is imperative to upload engaging content and promotional offers that will entice the viewer
  • Publish regularly

    New content is significant in keeping a good following and adding to it, fresh content strengthens the relationship with the consumer and also keeps you in the mind of the viewer, thus maintaining your brand image
  • User engagement

    Engaging with new, old and potential customers give the user a sense of belonging and builds good relationships. In turn your brand image will reach higher heights, valuing each and every individual respectively
  • Competitions

    Competitions and giveaways entice consumers to get involved and engage with your marketing posts. This will in turn create traffic to your site and at the same time generate interest with consumers who have not yet heard about you
  • Artwork

Social Media Setup

Setting up social media for your business is very beneficial as it will increase your exposure and increase traffic. You can decide which platform to use; there are many social media platforms available to choose from. Utilizing this effective marketing tool will in turn generate leads, develop loyal fans and improve search ranking.

One off fee £250

Facebook, Twitter and Linkdin or Google Plus
Includes free logo (no revisions), Artwork (cover photo), Small company bio. (additional account setup £30 inc. instagram, pinterest)

Social Media Marketing Packages

  • choose your Social Media plan

    • Posts on your behalf Number of posts made per week across all included profile platforms
    • Profiles Managed Number of social media profiles posts will be split across
    • Checking your pages Number of checks made on all profiles per week
    • Listening out for you Mention monitoring across all included profile platforms
    • Creating your crowd Follower building across all included profile platforms
    • User engagement Follower building across all included profile platforms
    • Finding new customers Number of outreach sessions per month
    • Support Dedicated support and advice 7 days a week

    Order now to start off


    £ 100 /mo
    • 6 Posts
    • 2 Profiles
    • 1
    • 1 session

    £ 200 /mo
    • 8 Posts
    • 2 Profiles
    • 2
    • 2 sessions
  • GOLD

    £ 300 /mo
    • 12 Posts
    • 2 Profiles
    • 2
    • 5 sessions

    £ 600 /mo
    • 15 Posts
    • 4 Profiles
    • 5
    • 10 sessions