Traditional Marketing

Due to the nature of some businesses, there will not always be a need to use a purely digital approach. Traditional methods, often referred to as “Offline Marketing” can be highly useful in reaching those customers who are still not fully up to date with the Digital / Online era. There are still many people, who although use social media and the Internet, prefer to do their business traditionally.

The long-standing methods of advertising are still highly utilized in this day and age, and usually companies use the “clicks & Bricks” model, which combines the traditional offline marketing strategies, with the more technological modern methodologies.

There are a number of traditional marketing approaches, which we believe can help to promote and generate interest, some of which are as follows:

Traditional Marketing Services

  • Press Ads

    Local Magazines and Newspapers are still distributed on a large scale all around the UK, meaning that the capacity to reach thousands of people with one standardized yet catchy advert can come at a relatively low cost. Many people turn to magazines such as, What’s-On, and local Life magazines for information about where to eat, local events, etc.
  • Radio Ads

    Many people listen to the radio on a daily basis whilst travelling too and from work, which is a perfect opportunity to have an audio advertisement played. The nature of the business will determine whether or not this channel is suitable, and during the consultation this will be discussed
  • Flyers / Leaflets / Direct Mail

    This method is useful for directly contacting customers or potential clients via email. Many people are now using email as a primary method of communication, which gives reason to carry out a well-researched email marketing campaign
  • Email Campaigns

    Customer profiling enables a business to understand the audience, which will allow for targeted promotional emails to be distributed to the right segments of society, who are most likely to respond to these adverts by following up and conducting business
  • Event Planning

    It is known, that taking part in an event gives a business the opportunity to meet potential customers, allowing for them to explain the full range of products / services on offer, as well as answering any questions that potential customers may have about the company. This allows for trust to be built between the company and its customers, which is perfect for strengthening brand image and popularity. Product testers or “freebies” at events also make customers feel highly valued, in turn making them more likely to test other products on offer from the same company